Our Board is comprised of an Executive Chairman and three Non-executive Directors. The Board is comprised of experienced Directors with relevant expertise across the areas of exploration, development and production of gold and other minerals, as well as knowledge and experience with corporate finance, accounting, legal and regulatory issues.



Dr Andrew Tunks

Dr Tunks holds a B.Sc (Hons) Monash and a Ph.D UTAS in geology and has over 25 years’ experience in the minerals industry. He previously held senior technical roles at North Limited, Paladin Resource, Ranger Minerals and Iamgold and was CEO of A-Cap Resources, Botswana Metals and Ausgold. Over the last few years Andrew has successfully built a bespoke geological consultancy providing highly targeted advice on technical mining issues.

Executive Chairman

Glenn Whiddon

Glenn has an extensive background in equity capital markets, banking and corporate advisory with specific focus on natural resources, enabling project origination and financing. He has a significant contact network throughout the world which has led to the development of a number of projects. Glenn holds an economics degree and has extensive corporate and management experience. He has global banking experience with The Bank of New York in Australia, Europe and Russia and is currently a director of a number of Australian and international publicly listed companies.

Non-executive Director

Ryan Gaffney

Mr Gaffney holds a BSBA in Finance and Economics from the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, Colorado. Mr Gaffney, based in London, UK, currently runs an independent advisory and consulting business focused on Mergers and Acquisitions advisory and fundraising for small and medium-cap companies. He was previously a Managing Director with Canaccord Genuity in London, where he focused on providing natural resources clients with mergers and acquisitions, financing, and advisory services from 2002 to 2015.

Non-executive Director

David Lenigas

Mr Lenigas is an experienced mining engineer with significant global resources and corporate experience, having served as executive chairman, chairman, and non-executive director of many public listed companies in London, Canada, Johannesburg, and Australia. In recent years, Mr Lenigas was the Executive Chairman of London listed lithium investment company Rare Earth Minerals Plc, which has been responsible for providing significant funding for the development of the large Sonoro Lithium Project in Mexico and the Cinovec Lithium Project in the Czech Republic. He is currently non-executive director of Canadian listed Australian company Macarthur Minerals, whose major shareholder is Rare Earth Minerals Plc.

Company Secretary & Non-executive Director

Matthew Foy

Mr. Foy was previously a Senior Adviser at the ASX, has nine years’ experience in facilitating the compliance of listed companies. Mr. Foy is a qualified Chartered Secretary and has reviewed and approved the listing of over 40 companies during his tenure at the ASX. Mr. Foy is also Company Secretary of ASX-listed Protean Wave Energy Limited, Frontier Resources Limited, Datetix Group Limited and XTD Limited.

Mr Foy is a member of Governance Institute Australia, has a Graduate Diploma (Applied Finance) from FINSIA and a B.Com from the University of Western Australia.